We are experts in mobile and web development. We offer bespoke software development solutions to solve business problems. 

We work with the most recent technologies in software development focusing on the highest quality of the code. Let us know about your idea or problem you are trying to solve. We will help you select the best technologies and tools based on your priorities and business goals.

Web development

We build simple and very advanced web applications, we integrate them with existing systems or devices. 

  • Python & JavaScript Development
  • Django & DjangoCMS Development
  • Angular & React  Development

Mobile app development

The mobile-first approach is a must. You need a responsive web page with native app features (PWA) or a mobile application. We build both.

  • React Native Development
  • Progressive Web App
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development

Support and maintenance

Once your application goes live it is important to have ongoing monitoring, tweaks, and updates. We will ensure its continuous quality and support incremental improvements.

Staff Augmentation

Build or extend your development team with us. We support founders or CTOs who need skilled developers, and designers or the whole agile team.

  • Mobile App Developers
  • Web App Developers
  • Designers

Our Client:




2019 / 2021


The challenge was to build a lightweight user interface for the new European Space Agency (ESA) ground segment software framework. The client had to connect to OSGi based backend. Be fast enough to display 4 updates per second for 100 parameters presented on a single screen.


We propose a web application based on ReactJS. The framework is well known, it’s supported by the tech giant and it’s fast in rendering – which was critical for us. For communication with the system we choose WebSocket with STOMP protocol for asynchronous communication and decided to build our own REST like API for the ESA system.


WebUIF lets users interact with ESA new ground segment software. Users can watch telemetry data, send telecommands and run procedures. The solution let users visualize data in alphanumeric displays, as a time series charts, state transition tables, raw data displays, and many others.

Our Bit By Bit approach:

Identifying the project scope

Project setup

Research and proof concept



Maintenance & Support Development

Software development is one of the most advanced and complex engineering jobs. Each application consists of thousands or millions lines of code. That is why you should trust people who you select for your IT project.

We build trust with our clients keeping the whole process transparent:

  • When we design the solution we always justify our technology selection and explain details of the proposed solutions.
  • We use Agile methodologies and invite our clients to join the development team as product owners, during weekly meetings or through our internal chat application. 
  • We use continuous integration process and provide you access to the latest version of the application through the whole development cycle – you can track progress every day. 
  • We use time tracking tools so you get detailed reports on our staff involvement and times for each task that we’ve done for you.

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