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Empowering Space Missions with cutting-edge Ground Segment Software Engineering

It's time for a new approach in ground segment software engineering.

We are working closely with companies in the space sector, developing software for the European Space Agency. Our company specializes in software that supports the ground segment, including the monitoring and management of space missions.

Pilot for Next Generation Central Checkout System and Mission Control System

The aim of the project is to conduct a pilot implementation of EGS-CC in shadow mode as part of the CRISTAL
Copernicus Polar Ice and Snow Topography Altimeter mission.

Microservice based Mission Control Systems

The goal of this project is to prepare the way forward to move away from the currently developed integration of EGOS application in EGOS-MG OpsEnv a more optimal solution where the EGOS applications will be deployed as true micro-services.

EGS-CC Release Agent

The project aims to release EGS-CC versions in accordance with directives from the Configuration Control Board (CCB) and ultimately from the EGS-CC Steering Board, aligning with the EGS-CC Governance. Release activities involve integrating approved changes into the EGS-CC software baseline, ensuring consistency, completeness, quality, and compliance across all EGS-CC artifacts, including models, software, validation tests, and documentation.

EGS-CC - Scenario Validation and WebUI Enhancement

The goal of the project it to continue the Scenario Validation development, implement new features for WebUI/JSBridge, and to support the release process of the EGS-CC – as the WebUI (now ri-webui), JSBridge (now ri-services) and Scenario Validation (now sv) became part of the EGS-CC. The project is still in progress.