Get your career

going at BBB

BitByBit is built of ambitious professionals. Thanks to their experience and skills, they create very ambitious and outstanding IT products for clients worldwide. Join the team and get to know us better.

You will be provided with the necessary space, tools, and resources to pursue your own ambitions, develop in the chosen direction.

Python Developer

Salary 7000 - 14000 + VAT
Remote or Poznan

React Developer

Salary 7000 - 14000 + VAT
Remote or Poznan

Java Developer

Salary 7000 - 14000 + VAT
Remote or Poznan

Project Manager

Salary 5000 - 8000 + VAT
Remote or Poznan

IT Recruter

Remote or Poznan

Business Development Representative

Remote or Poznan

The recruitment process

There are a few steps in the recruitment process at BitByBit. Here’s what you can expect when you apply:

Step 1  – CV Review

Our recruitment team, within 2 working days, review your CV. Ensure that you clearly outline your skills and show the technologies/tools you have experience using.

Step 2  – Email survey

After reviewing your CV, you will receive an email with few questions and a simple coding task. We will wait 5 days for your response.

Step 3  – Technical Interview

The technical interview usually takes around half-hour. A technical recruiter takes a deep dive into your experience and abilities to check whether you’re the right fit for the role. Be ready to talk about your previous roles, and give examples of projects you worked on. We would like to find out your motivation and future career plans and tell you more about our teams and our future strategic plans.

Step 4  – Final proposition

We will send the final answer within a few days of the meeting. And if you delight us, then maybe even on the same day! We will set up a second appointment to discuss organizational matters.